Project Description


The Winter Garden Atrium is a landmark structure that was designed by architect Cesar Pelli in 1985. Members of the Intricate Construction team were awarded the structural concrete bid for the Grand Staircase and completed the original project in 1988.

The Winter Garden stair infrastructure was constructed in place of reinforced poured concrete as the foundation of the magnificent marble staircase you see today.  The shape and scale of the compound radius stairs required precision and exacting specifications in this extremely complex and beautiful waterfall of gleaming marble.

The original grand staircase was completed in 1988, just three years before the 911 World Trade Center attack.   After the horrific events of September 11, 2001, the original atrium was destroyed as a portion of the WTC Tower One destroyed the landmark atrium structure.

Intricate Construction was retained to resurrect the grand staircase from the ruins of the World Trade Center and restore the project to its original beauty and unrivaled grandeur.

Project Name:   Winter Garden at Battery Park City

Project Address:   Battery Park City, NY

General Contractor:   Turner Construction

Design Architect:   Cesar Pelli

Landscape Architect:   M. Paul Friedberg

Description of ICI work:    Repair and replace slabs and elements lost on September 11th due to the World Trade Center collapse.